Welcome to the Wallen Family Home Page. I am Joe E. Wallen; my wife is Cindi Anderson Wallen; and we have a son, Josh E. Wallen.  He's the reason we started researching our families; to document
and preserve for him and his descendants our family histories. As genealogists know, the pursuit of our family lines is a never-ending journey through the past. Browse through our information, check out our family pictures, and please email us if you find a connection, notice any errors or would simply like to comment or share information.

WALLEN Coat of Arms as described in Rietstap's Armorial General and described as:  "D'arg. A la bande de sa, ch.de six etoiles d'or et acc. Au canton sen. Du chef d'un lion du sec."

Translation: "Silver; a black diagonal band charged with six gold stars and accompanied in the upper left canton
by a black lion."

The Tennessee Wallen and related spellings reunion was held annually through 2012.  Currently, no reunion is planned in Tennessee.  There is still an annual reunion in Missouri.  Contact me to be placed on the mailing list for the Missouri reunion.

Built by my grandfather, William
Henry Wallen at Kyles Ford,
Hancock County,Tennessee
between 1915 and 1920, this house had 4 rooms and was heated by fireplace and cook stove. It had no electricity or running water and was home to my grandparents and their 9 children. The family managed a living from "45 acres, more or less" of steep mountain land

Carolyn Wallin, a retired professor from Furman University, authored the definitive book on the Wallen/Walling family, representing 18 years of research. Now out of print, used copies can sometimes be found at various sites on the internet

Rogersville, Tennessee

Mike Wallen, Carolyn Wallin, Joe E. Wallen

Carolyn is the author of
Elisha Wallen-The Longhunter